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Mun Information

Name/nickname: Gwen
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Age: 19
Current Characters in El Dorado: Dick Grayson & Dr. Leonard McCoy

Character Information

Name: Boone Carlyle
Fandom: LOST
Canon point: EP 1x19: Deus Ex Machina, before the Beechcraft hits the ground.
Age: 23

Brief history: Here is Boone’s Lostpedia page, which is nice and detailed for character history, pre and post death. I’m sticking to canon for everything established on the show, so there isn’t really anything new and exciting to add here. However, although it’s never explicitly stated on the show (or even really discussed) I do think his father probably died when he was fairly young, as he implies that his mother is the only parent around when he tells the story of his nanny’s death, which happened when he was six, thus his looking for approval from figures like Jack and Locke.

Boone is being teleported to El Dorado right as the Beechcraft slips off the cliff, so before he sustains any life threatening injuries. He’s a little shaken up, bruised and pretty filthy, but I don’t plan on killing him off the second he ends up here.

To be really and truly brutally honest, Boone Carlyle is kind of a massive failure at everything he’s ever done. But at least he tries. He really, really does. Even in the face of all his past screw ups, every day he puts in his best effort. He tries to be a good son for his mom, a good brother for his bitch of a stepsister (who he might have been in love with for most of his life, yes, he’s aware of how creepy that is), and while on the island, tried to be a good leader, or at least a helpful member of the group. Unfortunately, not all that much has ever come from this trying, at least, not much good or tangible. Above everything else, he just wants to help, and since his methods aren’t always the best, he usually just ends up getting himself into trouble. He’s inexperienced and frankly, ineffectual as a leader, especially when compared to someone like Jack or Locke.

Fortunately, most of this ‘trying to be a leader’ nonsense has been literally beaten out of him after the first few days on the island. As such, he has adopted a follower position behind the rest of the ‘leaders’, although he doesn’t like just being ignored and isn’t shy about asserting himself into situations even if he’s not specifically asked for or needed. He is actually an incredibly good person to have at your side if you’re in need of an ally, ignoring of course his complete lack of a marketable skill set for surviving on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This is because his other most easily definable personality trait is his ridiculous steadfastness to the people he cares about, particularly when it comes to his step sister, Shannon. He is loyal to the point of stupidity. If you’re a friend of his and you’ve alienated literally everyone else in your life, Boone Carlyle will still be there trying to help you through it. Even after being jerked around by her for a large part of his life, Boone is still always there when Shannon needs him and is the first to (sometimes literally) jump to her defense, no matter how outmatched he may be. This behavior is exhibited later in that even after Locke clubs him, drugs him and ties him up in the forest to learn a ‘lesson’, he still sticks around the guy.

He tends to need someone specific to focus on in his life, whether romantically or platonically. For a long time, this sense of devotion and fidelity was directed solely at Shannon, but after the aforementioned clubbing-drugging-tying-up-crazy-hallucinated-monster-attacks incident on Craphole Island, Boone has managed to let go of his rather ill fated infatuation with his stepsister. But even so, he seems to thrive off being put in a more sidekick-like role, having followed Jack around for a while before switching his attention to Locke.

And while he’s not stupid (he’s pretty well educated and has a relatively witty sense of humor under certain circumstances), he does tend to only see the best in the people he looks up to or cares about, appearing almost blind to their fairly obvious flaws and forgiving them quickly for anything they’ve done to hurt him. He’s fairly literally minded, and usually accepts things on face value, although he can be skeptical of things that he sees as potentially infringing on his freedom. Unsurprisingly, he is not particularly subtle, and even despite his considerable lack of anything to back himself up, when pissed off will not think twice about approaching someone and giving them a piece of his mind. This has lead to many incidents where Boone can later be found sulking and nursing some minor injuries, but he still does it anyway the next time a similar situation arises.

In general, Boone leaps into situations without thinking them through thoroughly, and is a fairly emotionally driven person. He reacts first and usually ends up having to deal with the consequences later, and no matter how many punches to the jaw he sustains, he still manages to somehow bounce back. So, if nothing else, he’s got resilience going for him, although in all likelihood, the leap without looking is probably going to actually get himself killed. He can, however, be pretty responsible, especially when he has someone specific to look out for, but that doesn’t change that he really doesn’t exactly always learn from his mistakes.

He likes to think he can make a difference. He is always one of the first people to volunteer to help stand guard, organize memorial services or venture into the heart of darkness with other members of the A-Team. Off the island (although he will deny this if asked about it), he’s participated in a few “marches” and doesn’t believe in guns. Above everything else, he wants to feel needed by someone, and maybe respected or looked up to too. The island gave him a chance not to be a pampered rich kid and to actually do something worthwhile with his life, and he’s zealously jumping into it.

Basically, Boone is like a small dog. He thinks he’s very tough and intimidating, which is most often laughable behavior to others, and no matter how many times you hit him with the newspaper, he’ll come crawling back to you looking for some form of approval and affection after a short period of sulking by himself. He is generally helpful and friendly and not particularly difficult to get along with, and again, he really thrives off of the approval of others, even if he doesn’t really vocalize it to everyone. Whether or not he’ll achieve anything from this behavior remains to be seen.

Abilities: (If applicable) Boone (technically) knows CPR and is a certified lifeguard, although considering his rescue attempts on the island, it’s pretty safe to say Jack’s right in saying that he might need to think about giving the license back. Off the island, he was the COO of the wedding clothing subsidiary of his mother’s business, and as such has experience in the world of business.

Third-person sample:
If one thing could be said about how Boone Carlyle had handled the crash of Oceanic 815, it was that he hadn’t panicked. Once Boone had picked himself off the ground and been able to process what he was seeing, realize no, this wasn’t some kind of crazy hallucination or dream sequence or whatever else (you could never smell things in dreams, and he sure as hell could smell the fumes from the wrecked plane, not to mention the smoke), he also realized that he was strangely calm. It was totally possible that he was just in shock, but unlike the rest of the other survivors, he wasn’t screaming or running around through the wreckage. In fact, as soon as his brain had unstuck and his gaze had settled on an unconscious woman on the beach, he found himself racing over, checking for breathing and a pulse before starting CPR.

Everyone hopes that in a crisis situation, they’ll pull themselves together and be tough, help out other people and do the best for everyone involved. And while sure, the guy who had taken over compressions and breathing for him had told him that he probably needed to give his lifeguard certification back, at least he was doing something. And when he blurted out that maybe they should try a tracheotomy (the actual word escaping his adrenaline addled brain) and the guy had told him to go find him a pen, Boone latched on to that direction and immediately took off.

Later on, he’d wonder why he hadn’t thought to try and find Shannon, but his brain was clearly stuck on the idea that he needed to help, so he raced around, grabbing on to the other survivors and demanding to know if they had any pens. It was important, and he needed to make sure this was going to be done right.

Several minutes later, he caught sight of the guy who had helped with the CPR and rushed over, handing out the assortment of writing utensils he’d gotten his hands on. He was panting, adrenaline still buzzing through his system, making his outstretched hand a little shaky.

“I didn’t know which one would work best.”

But he’d gotten the pens, and that’s what was important. He’d hopefully done something to help, rather than just standing around and hoping other people would do everything for him.
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